Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Solutions

At PLUS Financial, we aim to redefine the perceived value of disability insurance by offering innovative and comprehensive solutions designed to safeguard your clients' financial well-being. Our focus is to provide our partners with the tools and administrative support they need to supplement their clients' coverage and ensure their income is fully insured. While many individuals believe that the disability insurance provided through employee benefits is sufficient, the reality is that there may be gaps in coverage, especially after accounting for taxes.

The Gap in Employee Benefits: A Crucial Insight

A common misconception among individuals is that the disability insurance provided through employee benefits is sufficient. However, the truth is that there may be a significant gap in coverage, especially when considering the impact of taxes on the benefits received through an employer's plan. Your clients may find themselves with an income shortfall, making supplemental disability insurance a critical component to bridge this gap.

We emphasize the importance of securing disability coverage that protects your clients' full income. Our innovative insurance solutions go beyond the limitations of standard employer plans, offering a comprehensive shield against life's uncertainties. We work closely with financial advisors to identify potential gaps in coverage and tailor solutions that ensure every aspect of your clients' income is safeguarded.

Key People, Key Protection: A Smart Business Strategy

Consider the impact on a company when a key individual is unable to work due to a disability. To fortify the financial stability of businesses, we recommend offering supplemental disability insurance to key personnel. This strategy not only protects the individual's income but also safeguards the company's continuity by mitigating the financial risks associated with the absence of key players.

For financial advisors seeking a strategic edge in protecting their clients' financial futures, offering supplemental disability insurance is a game-changer. This strategic approach not only fills the gaps left by employer plans but also provides a unique selling point for advisors looking to differentiate their services. By strategically implementing supplemental disability insurance, financial advisors can enhance their value proposition and offer a more holistic approach to client protection.

Key Benefits of Disability Insurance

Full Income Protection: Our plans are tailored to provide coverage that goes beyond the limitations of employer-sponsored options, ensuring your clients receive protection for their entire income.

Tailored Approaches: We understand that every client's financial situation is unique. We work closely with financial advisors to understand their clients' unique situations, allowing us to tailor disability insurance solutions that align with individual goals and offer a personalized approach to coverage.

Peace of Mind: By addressing potential coverage gaps, our supplemental disability insurance brings peace of mind to your clients, assuring them that their financial well-being is safeguarded in the face of unexpected circumstances.

We are dedicated to empowering financial advisors with innovative disability insurance solutions that not only address the misconceptions surrounding coverage but also provide a strategic edge in securing the financial futures of their clients and key personnel. Partner with us to offer comprehensive protection that goes beyond expectations.

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