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Partner with Plus Financial Network to lead the way in innovative, client-centric annuity planning. Our Annuity Services and Case Design Team is here to provide a gateway to comprehensive product design and sales concepts designed to guide our partners in tailoring solutions that precisely align with their clients' goals – fostering a holistic approach to growth within a streamlined annuity planning process.By working with institutions known for their tradition of financial strength, we can provide a range of Annuities for secured growth, principal protection, and tax efficient accumulation.

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGAs)

Stable and Predictable Growth

MYGAs offer a fixed interest rate for a predetermined period, providing stability and predictability in terms of investment growth. This can be attractive for individuals seeking a reliable and steady return on their investment.

Key Advantages:

  • Interest Guarantee: Lock in a guaranteed interest rate.
  • Principal Protection: Secure investment with protection against market fluctuations.
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Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIAs)

Maximize gains, Secure Principal

Fixed Indexed Annuities provide a balanced approach, allowing clients to capture market gains while maintaining the security of their principal. This unique combination makes FIAs an attractive option for those seeking growth potential without exposing themselves to excessive market risk.

Key Features:

  • Growth Potential: Participate in market gains, allowing clients to capitalize on positive market trends.
  • Principal Protection: Safeguard your initial investment, providing a safety net during market downturns.

Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs)

Immediate Income, Immediate Security

SPIAs serve as a reliable option for fortifying your clients' retirement, offering them a dependable income stream. A lump-sum premium payment ensures fixed, guaranteed payments unaffected by shifts of the stock market

Key Benefits:

  • Instant Cash Flow: Enjoy immediate, reliable income.
  • Financial Stability: Fixed, guaranteed payments for peace of mind.

Deferred Income Annuities (DIAs)

Flexibility for Future Goals

DIAs grant clients the flexibility to defer receiving income until a later date, aligning with their future financial goals. This guarantees cash flow throughout retirement, presenting a dynamic solution that adapts to evolving financial needs.

Key Features:

  • Growing Income: Deferred income leads to potential increased payouts
  • Tailored Payouts: Customize income to align with future financial objectives

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